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The Fine Print
I shoot and edit videos for creatives and freelancers. Are you a musician/band? Need a music video? Are you a studio owner? Makeup Artist? Actor? Photographer? Jack of all trades? Let's make a video!
Email me (form above or directly at ) with your inquiry. 
For shooting AND editing: My normal minimum fee is $400 for a 30-60 second high quality promo video, using professional filmmaking equipment, lighting, my creativity, color correction, music, storyboarding, and an animated logo. 
For JUST Shooting: Have an editor already, or you want to edit it yourself? My normal videography rate is $120/ hour. I will provide a USB or file transfer with all the raw footage after shooting. 
(3rd party services such as location rentals, makeup/stylists fees, travel/lodging will be seperate)
For JUST editing: Have footage but you don't want to edit it yourself? I am talented in using Premiere Pro to create a really nifty video for you! My normal rate is $100 for a 30-40 second edit.
Edits usually take 2-5 days to complete editing, once completed, I will send you the rough draft and you may make your suggestions for changes to be made. After the first wave of re-editing, further edits will have additional fees. 
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